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Ten Things Every Train Commuter Needs to Know
Executive Style
, 4 April 2016

"A couple of years ago, a black and white photo of a crowded 1950s commuter train was making the rounds of social media. Not only did many of the gents in the image wear hats, but everyone in shot was reading a newspaper. We don't live in such a different world now - those hectares of newsprint have been replaced by smartphones in every hand. However, is there a better way to use your commute than playing Stack, or bantering with Facebook friends? ..."

Giving advice on getting the most out of business travel by train
Available for republication (print only).
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Take a Good Hard Look at Your Privilege
Executive Style
, 26 February 2016

"Since it shot through the stratosphere of social media into everyday speech, the expression 'check your privilege' has carried various shades of meaning. The obvious interpretation, 'take a good hard look at your privilege' is how most people take it. However, I also like the interpretation that you might check in your privilege in the manner of a coat check. Whatever the best way of heeding its message, I've been thinking a lot about this expression lately. Because I seem, mysteriously, to have reached Peak Privilege..."

Examining the conceived of inherent privilege,
based on my own recent experiences.
Available for republication (print only).
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How to Set Up a Wine Cellar
Capital Partners Newsletter, 24 May 2010

"Sometimes in life you receive a little revelation, a chance discovery that makes you look at an everyday item in a completely different light. With me, it was wine. Or more precisely, the practice of letting a bottle of wine 'breathe' by opening it for some time before you intend to drink it. Iíd always thought this was pretentious twaddle, until one day I unintentionally left a bottle of red opened for an hour or so..."

Discovering the key elements in setting up a home wine cellar.
Available for republication (print and Web).

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Only Connect
Your Life Choices, November 2009

"It isnít always easy being retired, especially if youíve spent a lifetime in a busy job that never gave you the time to develop hobbies. Lynne Landy, founder and patron of Greatconnections, an organisation that links skilled retirees with not-for-profit organisations in need of professional help, has met many people facing this dilemma."

An interview with Lynne Landy, founder of the organisation Greatconnections.
Available for republication (print and Web).

Beverage-Based Insults
The Outland Institute, 15 August 2009

"Do you consider yourself a champagne socialist? Are you a member of the cappuccino-sipping elite? If those expressions seem odd, itís because theyíre dated. Champagne socialist was coined some decades ago to describe a left-leaning toff, and 'cappuccino-sipping' only carried opprobrium when a cappuccino was new and trendy Ė a time we now know as 'the 1980s'."

Keeping up to date with the art of political insult via the media of coffee and wine.
Available for republication (print and Web).

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Guide to the Good
                        life logo
Starting Your Own Wine Cellar
Guide to the Good Life, 6 July 2009

"'A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou beside me singing in the wilderness.' Persian poet, Omar Khayyam, penned these words almost a millennium ago, but the appreciation of wine is as popular as ever, as is the practice of cellaring wine to develop its full potential. So how's it done?"

A guide to laying down wine in the comfort of your own home.
Not available for republication.

The Pie Lady of Gdansk
Your Life Choices, May 2009

"I meet Beata Zielinska at the Willa Lubicz, a charming 1930s hotel on a hill in Gdynia, an industrial port city just north of Gdansk. Sheís a neatly turned out middle-aged blonde in a fur-lined coat and jeans, holding a big, practical-looking gold handbag. As she sits at one of the genteel hotelís cafe tables and orders coffee while an espresso machine hisses loudly behind her, she explains why the paj."

The reverse migration experience of a woman who manufactures Australian pies in Poland.
Available for republication (print and Web).
Images available.

Sale of the Century
Jetstar Magazine, May 2009

"Global financial crisis? What crisis? Itís true that the worldís economies are going through some serious tremors; but for the first home buyer in Australia, thereís never been a better time to purchase a home. Interest rates are down, the first home owner grant is up, and outside the state capitals there are many affordable new housing developments on offer."

Examining new apartment developments in regional Australia.
Available for republication (print and Web).

Given the Chance
Your Life, December 2007

"The program short circuits this problem by matching newly-arrived refugees with local mentors. Itís a win-win situation... the refugee gets the benefit of the mentorís networks and local work experience, and the mentor gets to make a positive contribution to another personís life, providing a hand up just when itís most needed."

A profile of a successful refugee mentoring scheme.
Available for republication (print and Web).
Images available.

Family Matters
Jetstar Magazine, December 2007

"The birth of a child is always cause for hope; a new spark of life to carry its familyís hopes and dreams into the future. But in this place, still haunted by the tsunami, the arrival of a new life seems more powerful and positive than ever."

Relating the work of World Vision with families in Thailand and Indonesia. 
Not available for republication.

[Read the full article here]

Mobile Manners
MOB, April 2007

"I asked four mobile users, of different ages and backgrounds, about some problematic situations... In the end, mobile etiquette and safety are both about paying attention to the world around you. So watch out for others and keep your mobile safe, and we can all text happily ever after."

Examines the issues of mobile phone etiquette and safety, including users' opinions.
Available for republication (print and Web).

Childfree by Choice
Griffith Review, Summer 2005
(Web edition)

"The reasons are abstract and hard to describe: a need, deep down, to retain the ability to get up and go, to travel, and to make dramatic changes in my life when desired. Am I fooling myself? Or can the deliberate choice to not have children make sense, both personally and socially?"

An opinion piece examining the choice not to have children.
Available for republication (print only).

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Mobile Phone Etiquette
MXP, February 2005

"Secret agent Maxwell Smart is sitting in the middle of a crowded theatre, when heís embarrassed by a louding ringing from the concealed phone in his shoe. Yesterdayís TV gag is todayís question of mobile phone etiquette. Most of us have got the message about not using them in cinemas by now, but what are the rules about using them in cafes? Or in a meeting with a friend? Or on public transport?"

A look at vexed issues involving the polite use of mobile phones, with comments from users.
Available for republication (print and Web).


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