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Nine must-do highlights of Fremantle
Traveller, 5 April 2024

"Housed in the sprawling former A-Shed on Victoria Quay, Gage Roads Brew Co is a beefed-up version of a beer hall, its lengthy interior scattered with different bars and dining areas: from restaurant-style tables to comfy low sofas. The result is a surprisingly warm vibe, especially when packed with punters having a beer and a bite with friends. Big steel tanks line one side, producing a range of house beers along with ginger ale and cider..."

Listing nine great attractions to be enjoyed in Fremantle, Western Australia

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Transcontinental gems
Journey Beyond, 7 December 2023

"Standing at the end of Busselton (Undalup) Jetty provides me with a lesson in nature. The view over Geographe Bay is humbling – the expanse of water is a nod to the sheer force of nature, and you can’t help but feel introspective when looking out. The 1.8-kilometre structure I’m standing on – loved by the township – is one of the many highlights on the epic eight-day Gems of the South West holiday package. It's is a sparkling example of why this trip across the country is so special..."

Describing a tour combining the southwest corner of Western Australia with a ride aboard the Indian Pacific train from Perth to Sydney, Australia

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Freo's Good Enough to Eat
The Senior, February 2023

"My guide, Winona, starts each tour with a visit to the 19th century Fremantle Markets to sample its best local produce, including fruit, honey, and macadamia nuts improbably flavoured with abalone. There’s also a range of teas created from native flora. Next on the list is Kakulas Sister, the Freo outpost of iconic Perth grocer Kakulas Brothers, owned by a Greek-descended family since 1929. As we walk, Winona explains why Fremantle has so many beautiful old colonial facades..."

Joining a walking tour of the tasty delights of Fremantle, Western Australia

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The most relaxed way to do Rotto
Escape, 6 November 2022

"Sitting on the deck outside the Rottnest Island bakery, I feel under attack from air and land. In the tree above me are sleek squawking ravens, and below me are the West Australian island’s famously cute quokkas. These marsupials are naturally nocturnal, but the presence of people in the settlement has convinced many of them to follow humans in the hope of snacks. I’m not folding to the pressure, and not only because human food is bad for them. A hot treat from the bakery is a time-honoured tradition of a visit to Rotto, and the pastie I’ve bought is delicious..."

Taking an off-season break on Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Sustainable Australia: Top Tips to Minimise Your Carbon Footprint and Travel Slow
lonelyplanet.com, 14 April 2022

"Australia is such an enormous nation that the instinct of both locals and visitors is to fly between its many far-flung attractions. But in this era of ‘flight-shame’ and increased environmental awareness, it’s possible to reduce your carbon footprint in Oz by traveling by surface transport, seeing more of the country on the way. Here are a number of possibilities..."

Outlining how to avoid flying by opting for rail, sail, cycling and hiking while visiting Australia.

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Holidays in Australia by Rail: Seven Great Places You Can Travel to by Train
Traveller, 7 April 2022

"Along with most other Australians, I have childhood memories of the great Aussie road trip. For our Western Australian family it was usually a drive to a holiday house in Augusta, past Margaret River in the state's southwest. Now in 2022, with spiralling petrol prices, the great Aussie road trip is said to be endangered. To which I say, "So what?" You can have more fun travelling by train at a set fare, and help cut your carbon emissions at the same time. Here are some affordable Aussie train trips to replace those treks from the city by car..."

Describing seven great long-distance rail trips in Australia.

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Make the Most of the Brekky That Keeps On Giving
Senior Traveller, January 2022

"When in early 2021 I stayed at the historic Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, I was surprised to find it offered a breakfast buffet. When the pandemic hit in 2020, such buffets quickly disappeared from view and many assumed they'd never return. After all, many hotel breakfast buffets are disappointing. The best of them present delightful cold buffet items alongside hot dishes cooked to order; but the worst have steaming bains-marie of soggy hash browns, sweaty bacon and lumpy scrambled eggs. Perhaps we wouldn't miss them once they were gone?..."

Laying out the rules to enjoying a buffet breakfast, referencing a hotel in Western Australia

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Book excerpt: Heading South - Far North Queensland to WA by Rail
The New Daily, 16 October 2021

"Dinner was taken outside the train at Rawlinna, another ghost town that lay next to a vast sheep station of the same name covering 10,000 square kilometres. I was feeling antsy as we were led through two carriages as a group, to disembark and be marked off a list. The Indian Pacific crew shared the mother hen characteristics of their Overland colleagues, though in a place this remote it was understandable. Except for the short stop in Cook, I’d been aboard the train for almost twenty-four hours and was I dying to get outside..."

Dining under the outback stars on the Indian Pacific train journey from Adelaide to Perth, Australia

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Raising the Bar
Traveller, 30 August 2021

"This is one of the biggest street art hubs in Perth,' says Adie, and there are some great examples on the walls around us. On the side of a bar is a prancing figure which, on closer look, is Red Riding Hood dressed as a wolf. On another wall is a beautifully rendered ringtail possum by famous Belgian artist ROA. Our final bar would be easy to miss. Hidden below street level, Alfred's Pizzeria is a grungy no-nonsense place open to midnight every night, serving pizza, craft beer and cocktails..."

Taking in street art and small bars on a memorable walking tour in Perth, Australia.

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Back on Track
Sunday Life, 18 April 2021

"It's been a long time between drinks for passengers of the Indian Pacific, the famous transcontinental train that runs between Perth and Sydney. And as the beverages are included with the fares nowadays, that's a lot of missed cocktails since the service stopped running in March last year. But now it's back, and the Indian Pacific is once more covering the 4352 kilometres of track linking west and east. When it launched in 1970, this train was public transport. But nowadays it's a full-blown 'rail cruise' with the fare including all meals, drinks and off-train excursions..."

Riding the rails from Perth to Sydney once more, aboard Australia's longest train journey.

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Australia, This is Us
Senior Traveller, February 2021

"A recent episode of ABC TV's advertising-related show Gruen challenged agencies to make ads encouraging Aussies to travel within Australia. Because at this stage, that’s all we can do. In one of the ads, the voiceover segued from the mighty wonders of nature to exploring local bakeries. And that is exactly one of the things Aussies do when we visit a new country town – we make a beeline for the local bakeries to discover which one is the best. Which made me wonder – what other things do we take an interest in, which might not interest the average overseas tourist?"

Examining the domestic travel habits of Australians; with reference to places in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia

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52 Weekends Away
Good Weekend
, 14 November 2020

"There's a hint of Mediterranean resort to this 29-storey tower, which opened in late 2019, given Perth's bright blue skies and the waterfront location. The lobby (with soaring 13-metre high ceiling) sets the tone with stone and timber flooring and waves of hanging lamps. Off the lobby is the restaurant, Hearth, looking out on the quay. Hearth Lounge, its bar, is a light-filled space of low, blue-grey chairs and angular metal chandeliers, serving its own food menu including afternoon tea..."

Describing the experience at the Ritz-Carlton Perth, in Western Australia.

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Six of the Best Suburban Hotels
, 22 October 2019

"Why stay in Perth's CBD when you could be gazing over the Indian Ocean? This accommodation is located at Scarborough, a beachside suburb to the north-west of the city centre. Guest rooms are bright modern apartments, with splashes of red and burgundy in their decor. For dining, the accommodation presents a list of recommended nearby restaurants including The Local Shack, which features locally sourced ingredients..."

Highlighting six quality hotels in the suburbs of Australia's major cities, including Perth.

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Here's How to See Australia by Train
lonelyplanet.com, 23 March 2019

"Australia is such a huge country that it seems logical to cross it by plane. But there is another option, one that becomes a memorable holiday in itself: the train. Piecing together connecting routes, it’s possible to take a great rail journey across the continent from savannah to forests to tropics, immersed in ever-changing scenery. Here’s how to do it..."

Describing how to travel around Australia by rail
, from Queensland through NSW, Victoria and South Australia to either Darwin or Perth.

[Read the full article here]

A Rail of a Time
Spring/Summer 2018

"Then it’s time to hop aboard the most impressive train of all: the Indian Pacific. A two-night journey west to Perth includes top-quality dining, stark desert scenery, and dinner in a remote ghost town. It’s a fitting finale to an almost 8000 kilometre rail odyssey..."

Detailing how to catch trains from Far North Queensland through NSW, Victoria and South Australia, all the way to Western Australia.
Available for republication (print and Web).
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The Grand Island Tour, Rottnest Island
, 11 July 2018

"Wildlife aside, Rottnest Island has had a fascinating history. Most visitors focus on the physical pleasures of its beaches and restaurants, but there's plenty of scope for exploring its chequered past. The Grand Island Tour, which I'm on today, is a good way to start. The first section is aboard an open-sided train which follows the route of the original army railway of the 1930s. From a stop in The Settlement, it tracks slowly upward to Oliver Hill..."

Joining a tour of Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.

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52 Weekends Away: Indian Pacific
Good Weekend
, 28 October 2017

"One of the world's great rail journeys, the Indian Pacific crosses the continent over 4352 kilometres of track – including the longest dead-straight section in the world, 478 kilometres across the flat and empty Nullarbor Plain. It's a spectacular route through mountains, cities and vineyard country, past outback ghost towns, and across stark deserts..."

Detailing the experience aboard this long-distance train from Sydney via Adelaide to Perth, as part of a collection of recommended accommodation.

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Feed Yourself in Freo
, 29 September 2017

"Freo! Even the nickname for Perth's port city sounds relaxed. Compared with the business-related rhythms of Perth's CBD, Fremantle's heart has a leisurely beat. Dominated by low-rise, elegant buildings of the colonial era, Fremantle – still a working port – is a place for the traveller to chill. And to eat and drink. Famed for its pubs and cafes, in recent years Freo's food scene has expanded in quality and sophistication..."

Eating and drinking my way through the best new restaurants in Fremantle, Australia.

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Rottnest Island: Beyond the Quokka Selfies
www.lonelyplanet.com, 23 September 2017

"Rottnest Island or Wadjemup (its Aboriginal name) has long been a playground for Perth’s outdoorsy population. A short ferry ride across the Indian Ocean, Rottnest remains popular with locals and travellers alike. However there’s more to Rotto than sandy beaches, cute quokkas and a laidback-holiday vibe. The island has a fascinating – and often grim – history to discover..."

Detailing the attractions - historic and natural - of this island off the coast of Perth, Australia

[Read the full article here]

Coast to Coast: Across Australia by Rail
www.lonelyplanet.com, 12 June 2017

"For almost half a century, Australia's Indian Pacific train has traced a three-day journey by rail between Sydney and Perth. Its 4,352km route between the Pacific and Indian Oceans takes in mountains, native bushland, desert, wheat fields and urban sprawl. Those taking this trip gain a close-up experience of Australia’s immense size and diversity, as its dramatic landscape slides past..."

Travelling by rail through New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia

[Read the full article here]

Spirits of the West
10 May 2017

"I get the feeling the World of Whisky tour is popular with blokes. There are twelve of us on the tour tonight, standing in the broad plaza outside Perth’s former General Post Office. Presumably women enjoy whisky too, but they’re somewhere else on this Wednesday evening. No matter, we’re men with a mission – to learn more about the many and varied varieties of whisky..."

Joining a specialty small bar tour of central Perth, Western Australia.
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[Read the full article here]

Walk the Line
Tiger Tales
, February-March 2017

"'Art is an interesting thing inside a prison,' says guide Janine Della Bosca. 'Is the prison supposed to be punishing you or rehabilitating you? There’s a tension between the two when it comes to art.' That tension was never greater than in the early 1990s, when Fremantle Prison was about to close. But a glimmer of light broke through into the dark, cramped cells in those final days..."

Joining a tour of art created by inmates at the former Fremantle Prison, in Western Australia.
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[Read the full article here]

10 Things in Australia You Can Only Experience by Train
, 29 August 2016

"It's a big country, and there's no better way of experiencing its vastness than by train. Australia is blessed with two transcontinental rail journeys: the Indian Pacific which runs east-west to link Sydney with Perth; and The Ghan which runs north-south between Adelaide and Darwin. Along these two routes, and others, there's an array of unique experiences..."

Discussing unique aspects of long-distance train travel in Australia
Available for republication (print only).

[Read the full article here]

Five Remote Corners Which Define Australia's States
, 9 September 2015

"Borders have always fascinated travellers. In some ways that's strange, because they're just invisible, imaginary lines on a map. Even internal borders can be objects of interest, and Australia's more than most. For where each of our state and territory borders meet another one at an angle, 'surveyors' corners' are created, each marked by a pillar at the meeting point..."

Describing the location and appeal of remote state border intersections in Australia.
Available for republication (print only).

[Read the full article here]

Converts' Guide: Long-Distance Train Travel
The Sun-Herald
, 15 March 2015

"There are many types of long-distance trains, from regularly scheduled services to those that resemble luxury cruise liners. What they have in common is ever-changing scenery. A train is a unique mode of transport, akin to a small town on wheels; always in contact with the world outside, but also slightly separate. It's difficult to get bored as the entire planet passes by your window: people, farms, forests, dramatic landscapes, and the normally hidden backyards of vibrant cities..."

Promoting the benefits of long-distance rail travel, in one of a set of travel essays; including the Indian Pacific train.
Available for republication (print only).

[Read the full article here]

Go Beachcombing in Bunbury
Tiger Tales, March-April 2014

"When people talk of the magnificent beaches of Western Australia’s south-west, Bunbury isn’t usually high on the list. But this busy port city is wedged between ocean and estuary and is home to plenty of fine recreational waterfront. Add to this a revitalised food scene and you have a beach destination that’s well worth a look..."

Highlighting top beaches in and around this regional city in Western Australia.

Layers of a City
The Sunday Age, 18 March 2012

"It’s amazing how far a fib can get you. When Swan River Colony founder James Stirling wanted to people his new settlement, he told some big white lies about its fertile farmland and perfectly comfortable climate. The reality, at least at first, was somewhat different. Or so says Ryan Mossny, the energetic young Canadian who leads the daily Urban Adventure Tour of the Perth CBD..."

Joining a revealing walking tour through the city centre of Perth, Australia.
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Beachside Bliss
Air Mail, Summer 2011
(Air Australia inflight magazine)

"'All the world’s a stage,' wrote William Shakespeare, but he might as well have said 'All the world’s a beach.' Through Asia, Australia and the Pacific there are beaches of every type, hosting every attraction. Whether you’re after a rest, a meal, a party or a spot of retail action, there’s a sandy shore out there for you. Here’s a selection of the best..."

Detailing a number of fine beaches, including three in Western Australia.
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Flashpack Chic
Medical Observer, 17 September 2010

"There’s no reason why flashpacking should only be an urban experience. This accommodation is located within Monkey Mia on Shark Bay, a place famous for its human-dolphin interaction. A subset of the larger Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, Dolphin Lodge is a good compromise for people avoiding the expense of resort life, as it offers affordable accommodation which allows for self-catering."

Detailing upmarket 'flashpacker' hostels across Australia and New Zealand.
Available for republication (print and Web).
Images available.

Freo by the Book
The Sunday Age, 25 April 2010

"Beyond the revelry, Fremantle has always attracted writers. From big-name bestsellers like Tim Winton to Miles Franklin Award winners such as Xavier Herbert, there’s apparently something about the narrow streets and salt air that sparks creativity. 'It has its own culture, its own feel,' says Silvey. 'It feels a little bit spiritual, and it's a really vibrant, caring community. Artists tend to cluster around these sort of places.'"

Strolling along the Writers Walk in Fremantle, Western Australia.
Available for republication (print only).

Images available.

For Those About to Rock
The Age, 16 January 2010

"Morgan takes us past landmarks illustrating his life in Freo: his primary school; the former Caledonian Hall where he learned to play the bagpipes; and the old Fremantle Prison which he once passed through en route to a juvenile correctional institution. So he was a bit of a bad boy, and he famously liked the ladies. 'His Mum still lives in a nearby suburb,' says Morgan. 'She was the only woman in Perth that he didn't sleep with.'"

Seeing Fremantle, Western Australia through the eyes of AC/DC's Bon Scott.

[Read the full article here]
Fremantle Concocters
Herald Sun, 17 April 2009

"The combination of the narrow roadway, the al fresco seating, and the heritage facades with their first floor balconies, makes for an intensely atmospheric street - particularly on a sunny afternoon when the Fremantle Doctor, the dependable daily sea breeze, is blowing off the Indian Ocean. But coffee isn’t the beverage I’m seeking today."

A journey through the microbreweries of Fremantle, Western Australia.
Available for republication (print and Web).
Images available.

Things That Go Bump in the Night
Jetstar Magazine, October 2008

"Sharyn McCaskey leads the Torchlight Tour of Fremantle Prison in Western Australia, and shares numerous ghost stories as she leads visitors through the convict-built facility. 'He’s a big burly man,' she says of a prisoner who came back as a surprisingly solid spectre. 'He walks up to ex-prison officer guides and says 'Excuse me boss, can you tell me where everybody is?''"

Delving into the paranormal via ghost tours across Australia. 

Fremantle's Secrets Unlocked
Medical Observer, 12 September 2008

"Suddenly, we’re all amazed to see a dolphin appear. Transfixed, we watch as it turns, dives then reappears even closer, its body visible through crystal clear water between patches of seaweed. It’s the crowning moment of an superbly relaxing stay on Rottnest Island. Even better, I realise... it’s a Monday. How good is that?"

Relating the attractions of Fremantle and Rottnest Island in Western Australia.

Boutique Breweries
Jetstar Magazine, September 2008

"Why do people get so passionate about creating boutique beers? 'Because it just tastes so good,' laughs Clancy’s Fish Pub manager Jane Dickson. 'It’s an ever-evolving thing. It’s your personal opinion and no one can say you’re wrong.'"

I investigate the numerous microbreweries of Fremantle, Western Australia. 

A Growing Passion
Jetstar Magazine, June 2008

"Which brings me to the spectacularly-named Spike Dessert, owner of The Hoochery. 'I was on a business trip to Adelaide, and went out of the city to visit all the little wineries,' he recalls. 'I thought ‘Gee, that looks like a great thing! We’ll have a cellar door winery in Kununurra!’ But it took me a couple of hours or so to realise we didn’t have any grapes. So we decided we’d make a cellar door distillery instead.'"

Revealing the artisan distillers of Australia, from rum makers to sake brewers. 

A Corner of Paradise
The Sunday Age, 20 February 2005

"It’s not your typical country town. Sure, there’s an old-fashioned petrol station in the main street, an imposing pub and a riverside park maintained by a service club. But as Margaret River becomes ever more popular with the city dwellers of Perth and their interstate cousins, its streets are lined with classy restaurants and shops selling every kind of indulgence."

Profile of the Margaret River region of Western Australia, with a focus on its indulgences. 
Available for republication (print only).

Bottling It Up
Qantas Magazine, October 2004

"Dolphins are the environmental flag-bearers of our times. As a symbol of our relationship with nature, they’re popular with everyone from new agers to suburban grandmothers. Bunbury isn’t notable for its tourist attractions, acting more as a gateway for favoured destinations further south. However, the sheltered waters of Koombana Bay offer a dolphin experience unique to the south-west of the state."

Swimming among the dolphins off the coast of Bunbury, Western Australia.
Available for republication (print and Web).

Capel's Interesting Diversions
The West Australian, 29 May 2004

"'Not just a one horse town'. That’s what the local business directory says about Capel, in the south-west of Western Australia. But at first glance, you’d be doubtful. The one horse is in fact Rogan Josh, winner of the 1999 Melbourne Cup. He lives in a paddock on the main street next to the local pub, with a big sign pointing out his identity.Capel may not have many famous locals, but it knows how to look after them."

Profile of a lesser-visited small town in southwest Western Australia.
Available for republication (print and Web).

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