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Ten Most Recently Published

Explore the Mountains of the South Island on the TranzAlpine
Truly Pacific, 15 June 2022

"As the train progresses we seem to be aiming ourselves at the mountains – or more precisely, at a notch at their centre. It’s an unsettling feeling, as if you were driving a car toward a wall with only one tight opening. Again the commentary has an explanation, telling me we’ll follow the Waimakariri River for some time as a path through the rugged terrain, with numerous tunnels and viaducts to also help us progress..."

Taking the TranzAlpine train across the South Island in New Zealand

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Overland train from Adelaide to Melbourne
Senior Traveller, May 2022

"The other benefit of Red Premium makes itself evident as dawn breaks and our train slowly progresses into the Adelaide Hills: a hot breakfast featuring a spinach and feta omelette, served to our seats. As we enjoy our food the train creaks and sways, suburbia melts away and we're immersed in a hilly forested landscape. Occasionally a gap opens amid the trees and we have glimpses of the city below and the ocean beyond. Meanwhile a light mist rises from the paddocks of farms we pass, creating a ghostly aura as dew sparkles in the morning light..."

Catching the historic Overland train from South Australia to Victoria, Australia

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We Stayed at… Turtle Island, Fiji
Escape, 2 May 2022

"Sitting under palm trees with a picnic lunch on a secluded beach, I admire the ocean view and ponder what makes Turtle Island different. It has many of the features you’d expect of luxury accommodation, including high-quality rooms and attentive service. But it’s not your typical resort. Strongly influenced by its remote island location, its buildings blend in neatly with the tropical surrounds rather than overwhelming them. With only 14 bures (the Fijian word for villas) dotted above the line of the beach and surrounded by lush greenery, there’s low visual impact on nature..."

Reviewing a remote tropical resort in Fiji.

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Sustainable Australia: Top Tips to Minimise Your Carbon Footprint and Travel Slow
lonelyplanet.com, 14 April 2022

"Australia is such an enormous nation that the instinct of both locals and visitors is to fly between its many far-flung attractions. But in this era of ‘flight-shame’ and increased environmental awareness, it’s possible to reduce your carbon footprint in Oz by traveling by surface transport, seeing more of the country on the way. Here are a number of possibilities..."

Outlining how to avoid flying by opting for rail, sail, cycling and hiking while visiting Australia.

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Holidays in Australia by Rail: Seven Great Places You Can Travel to by Train
Traveller, 7 April 2022

"Along with most other Australians, I have childhood memories of the great Aussie road trip. For our Western Australian family it was usually a drive to a holiday house in Augusta, past Margaret River in the state's southwest. Now in 2022, with spiralling petrol prices, the great Aussie road trip is said to be endangered. To which I say, "So what?" You can have more fun travelling by train at a set fare, and help cut your carbon emissions at the same time. Here are some affordable Aussie train trips to replace those treks from the city by car..."

Describing seven great long-distance rail trips in Australia.

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A Walking Tour Unearths a Story of War, Disaster, and Survival
Sunday Life, 3 April 2022

"Darwin was eventually founded as Palmerston in 1869, then renamed in 1911, and its development has been far from plain sailing. 'Darwin has been destroyed four times in its history,' John tells us. 'Three times by cyclones, and once by wartime bombing.' Those disasters account partly for the CBD's very modern appearance, dotted with bland apartment buildings and office blocks. But they make up for their lack of distinctiveness with artistic opportunity, and many bear large commissioned murals..."

Admiring art and history on the streets of Darwin, Australia.

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Harbour Cruise Brings History to Life
Traveller, 2 April 2022

"On February 19, 1942, the Japanese military carried out a bombing raid on the northern city, with many vessels sunk and lives lost. The city has never forgotten that rude awakening early in the Pacific War in World War II, and there are several ways for a visitor to explore the story of that dark day. Arriving around the 80th anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin, I've decided to get out on the water on Darwin Harbour, where much of the deadly action occurred..."

Learning about history on a cruise in Darwin, Australia.

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It's Melbourne on Another Level
Journey Beyond, April 2022

"I’m slowly ratcheting up Luna Park’s Great Scenic Railway, a rollercoaster that has been making fun-lovers scream with delight since 1912. I reach the top, round a corner, plummet down at speed… and suddenly I’m in the midst of a rowdy crowd at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, cheering an AFL team as it runs onto the grass. What’s going on? In truth I’m not really present at those Melbourne icons. Instead I’m sitting in a futuristic chair at the Melbourne Skydeck Voyager Theatre..."

Experiencing highlights of the reopened Melbourne Skydeck in Melbourne, Australia

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Cockle Train a Classic Ride
Senior Traveller, April 2022

"We pull out with a few bumps, following the curve of the harbour before slipping tightly between houses. Then, as we head toward Port Elliot (a stop with a famous bakery), we receive the scenic payoff - the line runs along the top of coastal cliffs, with the beach below and the ocean stretching to the horizon. I'm told you can spot southern right whales here in winter, and a passenger on the previous train told me she'd seen a pod of dolphins. I'm not as lucky, but the views are marvellous..."

Riding the Cockle Train from Victor Harbor to Goolwa, South Australia

[Read the full article here]

Muscat Mile, Rutherglen: Victoria's Sweet New Cellar Door Trail
Traveller, 18 March 2022

"'It's alive!' I'm channelling the mad scientist from the 1931 movie Frankenstein as I hold aloft a chemistry beaker, filled with a gorgeous red-brown liquid. But I'm not in the business of creating monsters. Instead I've just created my own blend of muscat, the fortified wine long synonymous with the town of Rutherglen in northern Victoria. To counter the wine's old-school image, 14 of the town's family-owned wineries recently launched the Muscat Mile, a collection of experiences that go beyond the usual tasting session and add a dash of variety to a visit..."

Enjoying the delights of the Muscat Mile in Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia.

[Read the full article here]

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