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Winner of Best International Travel Story Under 1000 Words at the 2016 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, for A Boy and a Coin.

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From the Sex Pistols to The Smiths
, 6 December 2018

"The Sex Pistols' loss of face was Manchester's gain, for what happened next was an extraordinary surge of musical activity that stretched through the 1980s and 1990s. At the heart of the late 1980s 'Madchester' era was the Hacienda, a nightclub owned by Factory Records and housed in a dilapidated old warehouse on the Rochdale Canal. It's that fabled club that inspires The Hacienda Years walking tour..."

Taking a walking tour through the lively musical past of Manchester, UK.

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A Glimpse of North America's Fishing Industry
, 5 December 2018

"Standing on the dock of the North Pacific Cannery, on an arm of Canada's Skeena River, all I can see is tranquillity. The still silver waters are a mirror, reflecting the trees and snow-capped mountains of this remote part of British Columbia. What's boggling my imagination is the contrast between the serene vista and its reality a century before. In those days a thriving salmon fishing industry centred on the facility, and it would have been a busy, smelly, messy place at odds with the beautiful surrounds..."

Visiting a museum within a former cannery outside Prince Rupert, Canada.

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How to Get into Hot Water in South Korea
, 3 December 2018

"There's nothing delicate about a body scrub at a jjimjilbang, the South Korean institution which is a cross between a traditional bath house and a Western-style spa. Though it may sound like a spot of pampering, in practice a scrub is a vigorous (and occasionally painful) procedure – the masseur turns me one way then the other, scraping me down ruthlessly with a roughened cloth. This is followed by a forceful shoulder massage. Nothing about this experience is elegant, but it gets the job done..."

Soaking in the spa culture of Seoul and Busan, South Korea.

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The Dinosaurs of Winton
Active Retirees
, December 2018

"I’m glad I made it here, to see the aftermath of a prehistoric event preserved forever in the rock of Lark Quarry. All those millions of years ago, when this was much wetter terrain, herds of two-legged dinosaurs came one night to drink here. Suddenly a huge carnivorous theropod, looking something like a tyrannosaurus, charged the gathered prey. Their fleeing footprints were later covered in sediment, and now they’re visible forever..."

Discovering dinosaur fossils near the Outback town of Winton, Queensland.

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The Other Great Wall
Active Retirees
, December 2018

"If we head west along the trail, it should take about an hour to pass Sycamore Gap. It’s not a difficult walk, but has many ups and downs which cause us to pick our steps carefully. It is lovely though, an atmospheric hike with splendid views. Always there’s the metre-high remnant wall to our right, and at one point we come upon the remains of a stone arch which would have allowed access to the unruly north..."

Exploring Hadrian's Wall, UK, by bus and on foot.

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A Great Place to See the Magnificent Seven
, 21 November 2018

"I don't know what's more startling, the open-mouthed lion or the dead zebra in the grass next to him. The king of the jungle is only yawning, but he has a terrifying set of teeth and will soon be sharing his kill with his brother. Two jackals are lurking behind the bushes, hoping to snatch a piece of the unfortunate zebra when the lions' backs are turned. It's the Circle of Life in operation, big time..."

Spotting exotic wild animals in the Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa.

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Queen of the Murray River
, 15 November 2018

"You don't know what you've got till it's gone, as Joni Mitchell was just singing, and that verse could apply to our departure port of Echuca. In the 1860s the Victorian government built a railway from here to Melbourne, spawning a busy paddlesteamer trade from all corners of the Murray-Darling river system. In the 20th century, however, Echuca faded as a port – except for paddlesteamers serving tourists, of which the wood-fired PS Emmylou is arguably the queen..."

Cruising along Australia's Murray River for three nights aboard a paddlesteamer.

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Airline Review: Asiana Airlines Business
, 2 November 2018

"There's a sign on the bulkhead designating this as 'Business Smartium Class', which denotes this style of Asiana business seat: each a small cubicle neatly interlocked with those in front and behind. They alternate between seats opening directly onto the aisle, and those with a shelf between seat and aisle. I've deliberately chosen one of the latter on the right hand side of the plane, as I like the cosy contained space it creates, with an element of privacy..."

Reviewing the Business Class experience on a flight from Sydney to Seoul
, South Korea.

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King Richard III Comes to Life in Leicester
, 24 October 2018

"Standing on a grassy hill outside Leicester, it's hard to imagine King Richard III shouting Shakespeare's famous line here more than five centuries ago. But on 22 August, 1485, the unhorsed Richard was slogging away with sword and armour on the peaceful ploughed fields I can see from the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre. It was the final bloody battle of his short reign, and would end with his death and the ascent of the Tudor dynasty..."

Visiting attractions related to King Richard III in and around Leicester, UK.

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A Rail of a Time
Discover, Spring/Summer 2018

"Then it’s time to hop aboard the most impressive train of all: the Indian Pacific. A two-night journey west to Perth includes top-quality dining, stark desert scenery, and dinner in a remote ghost town. It’s a fitting finale to an almost 8000 kilometre rail odyssey..."

Detailing how to catch trains from Far North Queensland through NSW, Victoria and South Australia, all the way to Western Australia.
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Lonely Planet: Amazing Train Journeys
(section on Eastern & Oriental Express)

October 2018

"Tracing a route between the busy cities of Bangkok and Singapore, the Eastern & Oriental Express is an appealing way to sample the sights of South-east Asia. Passengers experience a little of everything on the two to three-night journey: luxurious comfort within finely-crafted décor; quality dining with a choice of Asian and European dishes; beautiful scenery as the tropical landscape slips past the train windows; and cultural knowledge..."

Describing a luxurious way to travel between Bangkok and Singapore by rail.

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