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Ten Most Recently Published

Hipster and Street Art Tour Shows the Cool Side of North Queensland City
Traveller, 3 January 2022

"Peter has a tough sell ahead of him on this warm day, as we stand near lush foliage in the city's Shields Street mall. He's just told me Cairns is the second-most hipster city in Australia (the first is apparently the Gold Coast!). Thinking of my inner-city Melbourne 'hood, populated with black-clad beard-wearing tattooed barista types, I can feel my lip curling and my eyebrows rising. What is this man talking about? There isn't a hipster in sight in this tropical paradise."

Taking a walking tour of hipster-friendly shops and art in Cairns, Australia.

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Spirits of the Tropics: Cairns' Inventive Distillers and Brewers
The New Daily, 23 October 2021

"'Our aim is to make outstanding gin using local botanicals. We’re not making gin to win awards but for people to enjoy,' Sam Kennis says, of Wolf Lane Distillery. He pauses, then adds, 'We’ve also won several awards.' Fair enough. As usual in Cairns it’s a warm afternoon, but that’s not going to stop me sampling gin along with fellow members of the Cairns Breweries & Distilleries Tour.."

Visiting an array of distilleries and breweries on a tour in Cairns, Australia

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Wine Wander
Traveller, 23 October 2021

"Sitting at a table at a cellar door, sipping an excellent pinot noir and picking at a vast platter of locally produced cheeses, dips and olives, it seems as though it's been like this forever. That Martinborough, in the heart of New Zealand's Wairarapa wine region north-east of Wellington, has been idyllic wine country for a century or more. But that's not the case. When the town was founded in 1879 it was intended as a service centre for local farms. But a century later in 1979 the town was dying. Then someone had a bright idea – why not try wine?"

Sampling excellent wine and fascinating local history on a wine tour of Martinborough, New Zealand.

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The World's Most Amazing Train Journeys
Traveller, 23 October 2021

"Doesn't everyone like trains? To me, being asked why I like them is like asking if you prefer the sky to be blue or whether you approve of the sun rising in the east. This is how I see it: trains, that is long-distance trains, are in the landscape, but not of it. They often travel past amazing scenes but are separate from them, always smoothly passing along to the next set of sights. Nothing is more delightful than to be aboard a sleeper train and to awake at dawn and gaze upon a radically different vista than the one that left you at dusk the night before..."

Presenting 24 great rail trips, as an extract from my new book Ultimate Train Journeys: World.

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Book excerpt: Heading South - Far North Queensland to WA by Rail
The New Daily, 16 October 2021

"Dinner was taken outside the train at Rawlinna, another ghost town that lay next to a vast sheep station of the same name covering 10,000 square kilometres. I was feeling antsy as we were led through two carriages as a group, to disembark and be marked off a list. The Indian Pacific crew shared the mother hen characteristics of their Overland colleagues, though in a place this remote it was understandable. Except for the short stop in Cook, I’d been aboard the train for almost twenty-four hours and was I dying to get outside..."

Dining under the outback stars on the Indian Pacific train journey from Adelaide to Perth, Australia

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The James Bond Brunch in Switzerland will Thrill 007 Fans
Escape, 6 October 2021

"It’s taken me four cable cars via Mürren and Birg to reach the revolving restaurant, Piz Gloria, at 2970m above sea level. On a clear day from the summit, there’s a view of numerous mountains including the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Today, however, I’m immersed in a whited-out world of swirling snow. No matter, because I’m really here to see Bond World, the permanent exhibition devoted to the making of OHMSS. First, however, it’s time for a late breakfast in the revolving restaurant; or more precisely, the James Bond Brunch..."

Ascending to an exhibition devoted to Agent 007, in the lofty mountains of Switzerland

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Melbourne is Stuck in a Reverse Groundhog Day
The Guardian, 25 September 2021

"The crowd-loving virus has systematically turned all the joys of the Melbourne CBD life – intimate venues, happy crowds, easy socialising, the use of public transport rather than cars, shared public spaces – into bad things, making them liabilities rather than assets. And I hate it. I hate seeing this vibrant, special place become the exact opposite of what it was for decades, what it was less than two years ago..."

Reflecting on the plight of Melbourne's city centre after prolonged COVID-19 lockdowns.

[Read the full article here]

What It's Like On Board the XPT
Traveller, 9 September 2021

"Occasionally we'd pass a two-deck Sydney train running along a parallel track. They weren't very full this late on a weekday. I could see people reclining, reading, thumbing their phones. I wondered idly who they were, where they were heading, what they'd be doing when they got there, what they'd be having for dinner, when our trains diverged and they passed out of my life..."

Travelling between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, via sleeper train.

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One Train, So Many Views
Senior Traveller, September 2021

"American poet John Whittier said the saddest words in life are 'It might have been', and I have them in mind as I walk past the grand facade of Auckland’s former main railway station. A beautiful Beaux-Arts building from 1930, it would be the perfect place to begin a long train journey across New Zealand’s North Island. But what really matters is what lies ahead: the prospect of a marvellous array of scenery as it tracks through the North Island’s complex geography..."

Riding the Northern Explorer train from Auckland to Wellington, New Zealand

[Read the full article here] (flip to page 20)

Raising the Bar
Traveller, 30 August 2021

"This is one of the biggest street art hubs in Perth,' says Adie, and there are some great examples on the walls around us. On the side of a bar is a prancing figure which, on closer look, is Red Riding Hood dressed as a wolf. On another wall is a beautifully rendered ringtail possum by famous Belgian artist ROA. Our final bar would be easy to miss. Hidden below street level, Alfred's Pizzeria is a grungy no-nonsense place open to midnight every night, serving pizza, craft beer and cocktails..."

Taking in street art and small bars on a memorable walking tour in Perth, Australia.

[Read the full article here]

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