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Ten Most Recently Published

What It's Like On Board the XPT
Traveller, 9 September 2021

"Occasionally we'd pass a two-deck Sydney train running along a parallel track. They weren't very full this late on a weekday. I could see people reclining, reading, thumbing their phones. I wondered idly who they were, where they were heading, what they'd be doing when they got there, what they'd be having for dinner, when our trains diverged and they passed out of my life..."

Travelling between Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, via sleeper train.

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One Train, So Many Views
Senior Traveller, September 2021

"American poet John Whittier said the saddest words in life are 'It might have been', and I have them in mind as I walk past the grand facade of Aucklandís former main railway station. A beautiful Beaux-Arts building from 1930, it would be the perfect place to begin a long train journey across New Zealandís North Island. But what really matters is what lies ahead: the prospect of a marvellous array of scenery as it tracks through the North Islandís complex geography..."

Riding the Northern Explorer train from Auckland to Wellington, New Zealand

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Raising the Bar
Traveller, 30 August 2021

"This is one of the biggest street art hubs in Perth,' says Adie, and there are some great examples on the walls around us. On the side of a bar is a prancing figure which, on closer look, is Red Riding Hood dressed as a wolf. On another wall is a beautifully rendered ringtail possum by famous Belgian artist ROA. Our final bar would be easy to miss. Hidden below street level, Alfred's Pizzeria is a grungy no-nonsense place open to midnight every night, serving pizza, craft beer and cocktails..."

Taking in street art and small bars on a memorable walking tour in Perth, Australia.

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Cemetery a Haven in Grave Times
Sunday Age, 22 August 2021

"On a sunny day in lockdown, Melbourne's parks, gardens and bay shores are packed with people getting their two hours' exercise with a stroll. Sometimes it can feel as if it's peak hour for pedestrians. Not so in Melbourne General Cemetery with its entrance off College Crescent in Parkville. Its quiet curving laneways, winding between a forest of Victorian-era memorial pillars, were trodden by only a few on Thursday afternoon. But who decides to walk in a cemetery, and why?"

Exploring the quiet paths of a highly historic cemetery in Melbourne, Australia.

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What's Brewing, Bro?
Traveller, 17 July 2021

"Would you walk a mile Ė or two Ė for a good beer? I'm willing to put that concept to the test in Auckland, where a collection of craft breweries, pubs and bars in the city's Eden Terrace and Kingsland districts, south of the CBD, has led to the birth of the Auckland Beer Mile. It's not really a mile; in fact at 3.2 kilometres it's exactly two miles from end to end. But with easy access to trains and buses, it's a pleasingly walkable stretch of places to drink. Over a couple of days, I visit six of them..."

Sampling excellent beer at six memorable venues in Auckland, New Zealand

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Laneway Bars and Rooftop Hideouts: This is Drinking in Bendigo
The New Daily, 10 July 2021

"Every city needs a good rooftop bar, and Bendigoís answer is Nimbus. Its third-floor perch has a sweeping view of the city centre. 'Sunset from up here is amazing,' barman Cody says. 'Sometimes you can see the bats flying up out of Rosalind Park.' Iím here after dark for a pre-dinner drink, so Iíve missed out on the treat of flying mammals. At this time of night it seems a secret space above the streets, accessed by a lift rising past nondescript levels of offices..."

Drinking at a range of interesting bars and pubs in Bendigo, Victoria

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Culture Ė With a Twist
The New Daily, 10 July 2021

"Iím looking up at a vast white terraced Buddhist stupa framed by trees. Its top has a golden glint, and the path to its base leads past decorative lanterns and statues illustrating stories from Buddhism and other faiths. Itís a memorable scene which reminds me of visits to Asia; but Iím just outside Bendigo, and the building is the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion. Itís just one of Bendigoís interesting cultural institutions that have links to other places or times..."

Visiting three unconventional cultural venues in Bendigo, Victoria

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Walk This Way to Deliciousness
The New Daily, 10 July 2021

"Clearly regional cities have changed a lot in the decades since I grew up. Or maybe itís a Bendigo thing? The Victorian city recently became a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, after all, which suggests a certain progressive and adventurous streak when it comes to food.Thatís certainly the case here at Hoo-Gah in Bendigoís CBD, where Iím chatting with owner Gina Triolo while we snack on her gluten-free doughnuts (surprisingly chewy, in a good way) and her banana and pecan scroll (completely delicious). Even snacking in Bendigo is cutting-edge..."

Discovering local makers of food and drink in central Bendigo, Victoria

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High Tea
Sunday Life, 4 July 2021

"I don't know which is more remarkable Ė the mountain I can see through the window, or the hotel I'm standing in. Mount Ngauruhoe is impressive Ė high, dark, forbidding, and one of three volcanoes clustered together in Tongariro National Park, in the centre of New Zealand's North Island. Conical in shape, it appeared in The Lord of the Rings films as the grim Mount Doom, which Frodo had to climb to dispose of the cursed ring. It's currently dormant, its most recent eruption beings in the mid-'70s. Having said all that, this hotel is also a marvel..."

Enjoying a glamorous afternoon tea in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand, with a view of volcanoes.

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The Melbourne Blockbuster Exhibition Your Kids Will Love
Australian Traveller, 11 June 2021

"Thereís no need to take things too seriously, after all, at this fun new show at Melbourneís ACMI which features a colourful collection of original sketches and rare artworks. Ahead, through the doors, is a wall-sized projection of Mickey in his first-ever appearance in the 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie Ė a big deal as this was one of the earliest animated films with sound..."

Describing the delights of the new Disney exhibition at ACMI, Melbourne, Australia

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