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Winner of Best International Travel Story Under 1000 Words at the 2016 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, for A Boy and a Coin.

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This Lively Hangout is a Mecca for Surfers
, 15 January 2019

"'Muizenberg is the epicentre of diversity,' says Daniel Blaauw. 'It's a really connected community. You'll always find a happy face, a friendly person to talk to, something interesting on the beach.' I can see what he means as we gaze at the beach, with its colourful huts and lively restaurants, which has made this suburb of Cape Town a magnet for surfers. It's a sunny weekend and surfers carrying boards head for the waters of False Bay..."

Taking a stroll through the historic seafront district of Muizenberg in Cape Town, South Africa.

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An Architectural Fantasy in an Idyllic Setting
, 14 January 2019

"Williams-Ellis created the village over 50 years from 1925, in a quest to prove that a beautiful setting could be enhanced by buildings, rather than spoiled by them. Its location, on a wide estuary bordered by wooded hills, was the perfect frame for his vision of a village harmoniously embedded in its landscape. But Portmeirion is no ordinary town..."

Marvelling at the harmonious Italianate village of Portmeirion, in North Wales, UK.

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How to Do a Car-free Day Trip from Melbourne
www.lonelyplanet.com, 10 January 2019

"Melbourne may love its trams, but its excellent public transport system also allows travellers to take excursions into neighbouring regions of Victoria on a budget. Natural forests, towns and the seaside are all within easy reach of the city, and taking the train means you can slow down, enjoy the scenery (or even a craft beer) without the stress of driving or being stuck on a tour timetable..."

Detailing a collection of day trips by public transport from Melbourne, Australia

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Full Steam Ahead
Paradise, January-February 2019

"To a train fan thereís nothing more exciting than the hiss of a steam locomotive, and the peal of its whistle. Even more so when itís about to bear you through a picturesque area of Japan. Iím about to board the SL Taiju, a loco which worked on the northern island of Hokkaido from 1941 to 1974. Recently granted a second life in the Nikko region north of Tokyo, it runs 35-minute trips between the hot springs town of Kinugawa Onsen and Shimo-Imaichi..."

Exploring the Nikko region of Japan for the inflight magazine of Air Niugini.

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Get Served by Robots, and Look into the Future
, 29 December 2018

"Who would you rather check in to your hotel with? A robot or a velociraptor? And would the choice be easier if the toothy dinosaur was wearing a pillbox hat? Thatís the dilemma which confronts me at the Henn-na Hotel, at Huis Ten Bosch near Nagasaki. Huis Ten Boschís un-Japanese name can be explained by the fact that itís a theme park containing a perfect replica of a 17th century Dutch town. But more of that strangeness later..."

Checking into a curious robot-run hotel at a Dutch theme park near Nagasaki, Japan.

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Best Moments in Travel for 2018
(item re the Golden Gai district, Tokyo)

, 22 December 2018

"I wander along the maze of alleys that comprises Tokyo's Golden Gai district, an atmospheric enclave of tiny bars illuminated by gaudy signs. My goal is Deathmatch in Hell, a heavy metal themed bar at the far end. Perched on a stool, I marvel at the blood red interior, decorated with horror movie posters, dolls of the Blues Brothers, a Star Wars stormtrooper, and a big golden skull..."

One item about Tokyo, Japan, in a list of special moments experienced by various travel writers.

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From the Sex Pistols to The Smiths
, 6 December 2018

"The Sex Pistols' loss of face was Manchester's gain, for what happened next was an extraordinary surge of musical activity that stretched through the 1980s and 1990s. At the heart of the late 1980s 'Madchester' era was the Hacienda, a nightclub owned by Factory Records and housed in a dilapidated old warehouse on the Rochdale Canal. It's that fabled club that inspires The Hacienda Years walking tour..."

Taking a walking tour through the lively musical past of Manchester, UK.

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A Glimpse of North America's Fishing Industry
, 5 December 2018

"Standing on the dock of the North Pacific Cannery, on an arm of Canada's Skeena River, all I can see is tranquillity. The still silver waters are a mirror, reflecting the trees and snow-capped mountains of this remote part of British Columbia. What's boggling my imagination is the contrast between the serene vista and its reality a century before. In those days a thriving salmon fishing industry centred on the facility, and it would have been a busy, smelly, messy place at odds with the beautiful surrounds..."

Visiting a museum within a former cannery outside Prince Rupert, Canada.

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How to Get into Hot Water in South Korea
, 3 December 2018

"There's nothing delicate about a body scrub at a jjimjilbang, the South Korean institution which is a cross between a traditional bath house and a Western-style spa. Though it may sound like a spot of pampering, in practice a scrub is a vigorous (and occasionally painful) procedure Ė the masseur turns me one way then the other, scraping me down ruthlessly with a roughened cloth. This is followed by a forceful shoulder massage. Nothing about this experience is elegant, but it gets the job done..."

Soaking in the spa culture of Seoul and Busan, South Korea.

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Travel Writer on a Lonely Road
, December 2018 - February 2019

"In truth, there is no typical guidebook writer day. People often respond to hearing about my Lonely Planet gigs by saying 'That must be fun.' To which I say 'Thatís the wrong adjective.' Stimulating, yes, fascinating, yes, memorable, yes, but not fun. Fun is what occurs when you travel less intensely. But the pay-off comes when Iím able to take my focus off the job, just for a moment, and feel the full impact of the glorious place Iím standing in..."

Describing the challenges of travel guidebook writing in Poland, in the Queensland Writers Centre magazine.

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