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Winner of Best International Travel Story Under 1000 Words at the 2016 Australian Travel Journalism Awards for Excellence, for A Boy and a Coin.

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Ten Places That Celebrate Nelson Mandela
, 12 July 2018

"The most famous inmate of this former island prison was South African freedom fighter and president Nelson Mandela, who was born 100 years ago this year. An excursion to this museum in Table Bay reveals the grim reality of his time behind bars. Visitors to Robben are taken by bus to key sites, including the lime quarry where political prisoners laboured, before a former inmate leads the way through the cell blocks. It's a fascinating insight into a heroic struggle..."

Detailing sites in South Africa associated with the life of freedom fighter and president, Nelson Mandela.

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The Grand Island Tour, Rottnest Island
, 11 July 2018

"Wildlife aside, Rottnest Island has had a fascinating history. Most visitors focus on the physical pleasures of its beaches and restaurants, but there's plenty of scope for exploring its chequered past. The Grand Island Tour, which I'm on today, is a good way to start. The first section is aboard an open-sided train which follows the route of the original army railway of the 1930s. From a stop in The Settlement, it tracks slowly upward to Oliver Hill..."

Joining a tour of Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth, Western Australia.

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Lonely Planet: Everyday Adventures
(section on Melbourne street art)

July 2018

"As I stand on Flinders Street, Iím surrounded by major landmarks. Federation Square is behind me, Flinders Street Station to the left, the Melbourne Cricket Ground to my right. But Iím looking for something grittier: Melbourneís famous street art. Its epicentre is Hosier Lane, the cobblestone laneway in front of me. There are always tourists walking its length, photographing the splendour on its walls..."

Taking a self-guided tour of Melbourne's street art for this book on self-discovery.

[Find the book here]

Cape Grace Review
, 2 July 2018

"Cape Grace is in a prime position for sampling the tourist delights of Cape Town, situated within the city's historic Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. This complex of shops, restaurants and entertainment wraps around docks and marinas, with great views of both the sea and Table Mountain. With its plentiful security staff, the waterfront is a safe space for a stroll and is often thronged with pleasure seekers, giving it a festive atmosphere..."

Reviewing a luxury hotel at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa.

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What it's Like to Stay at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
, 2 July 2018

"As I bend over the abandoned doll, the reading on my dosimeter begins to tick upward. At a certain level, this portable radiation detector will squeal. It's hard not to feel uneasy at the rising numbers on its face. For this is Chernobyl. Or to be precise, the 30-kilometre-wide Chernobyl Exclusion Zone around the reactor that exploded in 1986, spewing radioactive material into the air to become the world's worst nuclear disaster..."

Exploring the ruins of Chernobyl via an overnight tour from Kiev, Ukraine.

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Cape Town to Pretoria by Train Ė Diamond Empires to Shanty Towns
, 18 June 2018

"A young man in a suit stands at the entrance, proffering a tray of champagne glasses. Beyond him, the 52 passengers on this two-night trip are settling in among the deep sofas, high ceilings and chandeliers, drinking bubbly and enjoying salmon or cucumber sandwiches. The day before, I'd been at this same station on a solo excursion to the city's south via the suburban train network, keeping an eye on my valuables and avoiding slashed train seats. Today's ride is clearly in a different class altogether..."

Taking the luxurious Pride of Africa train from Cape Town to Pretoria, South Africa.

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Poland to Ukraine by Sleeper Train
, 7 June 2018

"According to old movies, there were two types of European long-distance train. One was the sexy, luxurious sleeper such as the Orient Express, carrying exiled duchesses to elegant cities like Paris. The other was a shabby train packed with foreign agents and shady smugglers, hoping to slip unnoticed past the Iron Curtain. You might think that age of exoticism and intrigue on the rails is gone; replaced by shiny high-speed trains with bland open carriages, zipping across unmonitored borders. But you'd be wrong..."

Riding overnight on a train between Poland and Lviv, Ukraine; then on to Kiev.

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Alaska to Canada by Rail
, 29 May 2018

"It's an extraordinary engineering achievement. From sea level the railway climbs almost 900 metres over a 30-kilometre route, twisting and turning as it negotiates slopes, bridges and tunnels. The WP&YR closed in 1982, defeated by a new road and a mining slump, but reopened six years later for tourism. Nowadays it draws its riders from the cruise ship passengers who swarm the docks where Soapy met his end; along with hikers walking the popular Chilkoot Trail..."

Catching a narrow-gauge train through the mountains from Alaska, USA to Yukon, Canada.

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The Surprising Stories Behind Vancouver's Murals
, 29 May 2018

"The dire wolf leaps at me, its snarling mouth revealing terrifying long fangs. Its shiny blue coat is offset by flying shards of red, yellow and white, and its eyes glow an otherworldly yellow. It's a piece of street art, but a fiendishly dynamic one; part of a set of wolves that were painted by artist Ben Tour for the first Vancouver Mural Festival in 2016. Lurking behind bins, they stand ready to surprise the passer-by..."

Exploring the murals created by a street art festival in Vancouver, Canada.

[Read the full article here]

YVR Forever - Vancouver Airport Highlights
17 April 2018

"Even I have noticed the interior of Vancouver International Airport. Thereís something about its blue-green decor, dotted with timber carvings, that relaxes the incoming passenger on the long march to Customs. And Iím not the only passenger who likes the place. In 2017, YVR was named the Best Airport in North America in the Skytrax World Airport Awards. So whatís so good about this airport, and why does it make an attractive alternative entry point to North America?"

Detailing the highlights of Vancouver International Airport, Canada.

[Read the full article here]


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