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Ten Most Recently Published

Spectacular scenery is just a part of these five new stylish rail journeys
Traveller, 26 May 2024

"What happened to the fabulously luxurious carriages of the Orient Express? It was a mystery worthy of Agatha Christie, who set her most famous book aboard this train, which linked Paris to Istanbul between 1883 and 1977. So, French historian Arthur Mettetal began his hunt. Though some were in museums and others were part of the revived Venice-Simplon-Orient-Express luxury train, he discovered a number of original carriages on an obscure siding in eastern Poland, and a new version of the Orient Express was born..."

Describing the highlights of five new or improved trains, operating in Italy, Australia, Norway, Japan, and Laos

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Parting is such sweet sorrow
Traveller, 27 April 2024

"In the first week of the New Year I picked up a brand-new passport. Almost ten years had passed in the company of my old one, and it was time to renew. But as I delighted in the crisp, unblemished potential of my new passport, I felt an unexpected fondness for its slightly worn predecessor. We’d been through a lot together over the previous decade, and the assortment of stamps spread through its pages recalled the most memorable border crossings..."

Discussing the fond memories prompted by an expired passport, of travels in Ukraine, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Liechtenstein, and Fiji

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Want to taste top-notch tapas? This is the Spanish city to visit
Explore, 25 April 2024

"By gathering in the upscale district of Chamberi (once an encampment for Napoleon's armies), we've managed to avoid Madrid's busy tourist zone in favour of a local neighbourhood where it'd be counter-productive to water down the sangria or serve low-quality ham. Therefore, on this Madrid Tapas Crawl - more of a leisurely stroll - we'll be getting the best. We'll also be taking part in one of the great rituals of the Spanish capital, according to our guide: sampling a range of classic tapas over the course of the evening..."

Tasting excellent food on the streets of Madrid, via a tapas walking our

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Venturing into the imaginary town of Twin Peaks
The Post, 7 April 2024

"The words of Special Agent Dale Cooper pass through my mind as we head out of Seattle on a tour devoted to the legendary television series Twin Peaks. At the wheel of the vehicle is tour guide David Israel, echoing Cooper in the outfit of an FBI agent. To our surprised delight he’s accompanied by James Grixoni, a young actor who appeared in the third season of the show and who sometimes leads these tours. My wife Narrelle and I are in the back seat, looking forward to visiting the locations of the quirky drama..."

Exploring filming locations associated with Twin Peaks in the hills east of Seattle, USA

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Nine must-do highlights of Fremantle
Traveller, 5 April 2024

"Housed in the sprawling former A-Shed on Victoria Quay, Gage Roads Brew Co is a beefed-up version of a beer hall, its lengthy interior scattered with different bars and dining areas: from restaurant-style tables to comfy low sofas. The result is a surprisingly warm vibe, especially when packed with punters having a beer and a bite with friends. Big steel tanks line one side, producing a range of house beers along with ginger ale and cider..."

Listing nine great attractions to be enjoyed in Fremantle, Western Australia

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The ride stuff
Traveller, 10 March 2024

"'We all did justice to the good things, and as we washed them down with bumpers of sparkling Krug whilst we sped along at the rate of thirty miles an hour, agreed it was the fastest living we had ever experienced. Then to bed in luxurious couches, where we slept the sleep of the just.' In June 1869, the New York Times correspondent 'WS' was living it high on the rails as he rode westward from Nebraska to California on the first trans-American railway. However, long-distance rail travel across America is not always so pleasing over 150 years later..."

Detailing the pluses and minuses of travelling via Amtrak trains across the USA

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We'll pass, thanks
Traveller, 9 March 2024

" Ah, the joys of travelling across Europe by rail with a Eurail pass! Hopping aboard regional services without any need of a separate ticket, and using sleeper trains as a substitute for hotel rooms. There’s nothing more fun than a rail pass, but many Australians will be surprised to learn that it’s possible to travel that way in our own eastern states. Here’s how..."

Explaining the rail passes and fare caps available in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, Australia

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Fact meets Game of Thrones fantasy on this walking tour in Croatia
Explore, 3 March 2024

"The result is a delightful maze, dotted with restaurants and accommodation. And oozing with history, which Toni is well placed to navigate. The former teacher with a master's degree in history leads people through the winding paths of the old town, explaining its complicated back story. As our group wanders its beautiful laneways, he pieces together its historical jigsaw - from Roman times, through rule by Venice and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to today's tourist-friendly city on Croatia's Adriatic coast..."

Learning about the complex history of Split, Croatia, on an engaging walking our

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On the right track: History on wheels as 'hoods revealed
Explore, 5 February 2024

"'Please be careful of the pebble-stone paving,' says our guide Nuno, as we wait to board a bright-yellow tram. Welcome to Lisbon. If there's anything more symbolic of the Portuguese capital than its crazy paving and its compact timber-framed trams, I can't imagine what it is. No, wait, it's the decorative tiles on the walls of its buildings, which I'll be seeing plenty of today. For I'm joining the Beyond the Tram No. 28 tour, which uses those trams as a delivery vehicle to the historic Graca district..."

Investigating heritage neighbourhoods of Lisbon, Portugal, via tram and on foot

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Truly star-struk
Traveller, 3 February 2024

"While we wait – my taste buds tingling in anticipation – Karmela runs me through the basics of štrukli via a handy diagram depicting its preparation. Just jotting that down makes me hungry, even more so as I’m surrounded by štrukli admirers in the attractive surrounds of the restaurant’s courtyard, with its picturesque stone wall and shady trees. Though to tell the truth, my fellow diners are rebels of a sort – as La Štruk daringly ventures beyond classic štrukli to produce modern variants containing ingredients such as walnut, honey, apple, roasted capsicum, and even (gasp) truffle paste..."

Exploring delightful food and drink on a walking tour in Zagreb, Croatia

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